My reasons to be Grateful

My Special Place

I was moved to write this blog post as I sat in my “special place” at the end of Portstewart Strand a few days ago doing my daily meditation and visualisation. Most of you who have come to see me in the last few months will know I am very much into the universe and spirituality and that in turn shapes my personality & world view.

If it has been written then I have probably read it or at the very least have it on my kindle – Rhonda Byrne – The Secret, Mike Dooley – Playing the Matrix , Norman Vincent Peele – The Power of Positive Thinking,  James Redfield – The Celestine Prophecy, Dale Carnegie – How to win friends & influence people (written in 1936 & still a classic), Napelon Hill – Think and Grow Rich and of course the modern day thought influencers such as Tony Robbins, John Assaraf and Scotland`s very own Jack Black (Mindstore).


Indeed, early last year Geoff and I attended Tony Robbins` 4 day seminar in London – UPW…”Unleash the Power Within” and we became official fire-walkers – Yes, we both walked SLOWLY over a bed of hot coals at temperatures exceeding 2,012 degrees Fahrenheit for 4 metres in our bare feet without so much as a blister!

Anyway – ALL of these thought influencers have 2 teachings in common:

  1. Always show gratitude
  2. Be a Giver

So my post today is about MY personal gratitude.

I won`t lie to you – relocating to Northern Ireland last November after spending my entire life in Scotland was not easy. I am a creature of habit and leaving people, places & things was a huge personal challenge for me. But I knew in my heart it was the right thing to do and it has been simply the best thing I have ever done. 

I absolutely love Portstewart…I didn`t realise such a wonderful place existed. Geoff and I have views from our apartment I have only ever dreamt of. My 11 year old son really is living the dream!!

I cannot believe Causeway Coast Aesthetics has been up and running now since 1st February – 4 full months. Again – it has been a real challenge on many levels, but I am so grateful for these last 4 months. I came across some business statistics earlier & was compelled to share with you. Since beginning trading on 01 Feb 2018, we have:

  • 335 appointments
  • answered 852 queries on facebook messenger
  • given 60 x 30 minute complimentary consultations & trials
  • ran 6 competitions & gave away prizes in excess of £2200
  • gave away discount vouchers to the value of £12000
  • gained almost 1500 facebook followers
  • 1000 subscribers to our email database
  • had over 30 5 star ratings & testimonials
  • won an award for excellent client experience
  • clients have travelled from as far afield as Bangor & Omagh to see me

Without exception, my clients have been simply delightful – not a week goes by without bunches of flowers, chocolates, vouchers & bottles of prosecco being forced into my hands…lol. I am constantly overwhelmed by kindness of people I have really only recently met.

So to the Universe…and all of you reading this blog, I am genuinely grateful. I love my job & the biggest pleasure I get in life is helping others. My goal for the next 6 months is to keep giving my existing clients the best value & standards of service they can get anywhere & also to grow my client base throughout N.Ireland.

Part of my strategy for business growth will be even more giving, and to that end I have some incredibly special surprises in store in the next few weeks. Just keep an eye on our facebook page !

Thank you all so very much & I look forward to being of continued service

Much Love

Rhonda xxx



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