It`s all about the brows….

Here at Causeway Coast Aesthetics we create beautiful semi-permanent hairstroke eyebrows. What a relief – now you can throw away your eyebrow pencils, stop worrying that you`ve over plucked or that your eyebrows are just disappearing. Have great looking eyebrows 24/7.

• Those who want to correct asymmetrical brows
• People with thin or faded brows who have lost the “tail” end of the brow
• People who want to look younger
• Those who need and want an easy 24 hour a day beauty & confidence
• Regular Gym Bunnies
• People with poor eyesight
• People who are sensitive to makeup
• People with alopecia or who have lost their eyebrows for medical reasons
• People who struggle to get the shape right when plucking
• People who want to look younger, more groomed and prettier with perfectly shaped eyebrows

Have a look at some of my recent work at https://causewaycoastaesthetics/portfolio


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