CACI Synergy – Personal Training for your face

I have been in the beauty & aesthetics industry for 25 years now and it would be fair to say that during that time there have been countless trends & fads that have come and gone. And that`s precisely what they are – trends and fads.

One product that certainly does not fit that category is the face lifting treatment from CACI. The latest offering is CACI Synergy – which combines their previous Ultra and Ultimate and really is the absolute premium of natural facial treatments available globally today.

Without a doubt this is the most sought after treatment in the Salon at the moment

This really is the newest technology in anti-ageing innovation and it works by combining LED light and microcurrent therapy to achieve better and faster skin rejuvenating results. The dual action of the LED light therapy and S.P.E.D. (Simultaneous Photo Electrical Delivery) microcurrent technology stimulates tissue regeneration and encourages the all important collagen production. It is described as “non surgical face lifting” due to the dramatic effect that it has on the facial muscles and contours.


What does it feel like?  

The CACI Synergy treatment feels like a slight tingling sensation with a warm energised feeling on the skin that is virtually painless.

The Mail Online conducted an independent review recently and it came out tops for the numerous anti-ageing treatments available with a perfect score of 10/10…and even better it gave it an “ouch factor” of 1/10 describing the actual treatment as “rather boring – you just lie there while two probes are passed over your face. But it`s not unpleasant, and is completely painless”.

You may experience a slight buzzing or metallic feeling in the mouth, especially if you have a lot of fillings in your teeth. But the therapist can adjust the strength of the machine to suit your tolerance. It went on….” The results are rather impressive, especially in the dreaded jowl area. Much firmer, better defined contours. The more you have, the better the results”.

Rhonda Maclachlan, Leading UK Aesthetician and Founder & Owner of Causeway Coast Aesthetics based in Portstewart


Personal Training for Your Face

This is how I described it to a recent client who had come in for my complimentary introduction to CACI and consultation that I offer in the salon. Being a regular gym bunny like myself, I knew she`d get it. So the metaphor of a gym personal trainer was highly relevant.

There is endless literature and marketing materials available from CACI International, but when it comes down to it, clients only really have one question….”Will it work for me, Rhonda?”. My answer is always a 100% unequivocal YES…but again I go back to my gym metaphor…..  You WILL notice a difference after just one session (unlike the gym sadly…) but the benefits of microcurrent treatment are cumulative. Typically a course of ten treatments are recommended for optimal results.

Think of a course of 10 CACI Synergy facial treatments over a 4 week period as an  FACE BOOTCAMP…you have 43 muscles in your face and guess what?…they are no different to the muscles in your legs, bum, tummy or arms…they need to be worked hard to look their best.

Once they are in a peak state, then maintenance is much easier – the hard work has been done at bootcamp. Again, just like every other muscle in your body your face muscles have what is known as “muscle memory”…..and I guess most of our faces have simply forgot!!

A course of 10 CACI Synergy Non Surgical Facelifts will give your face muscles the jolt they need to give you the plumped, radiant & glowing skin of your younger days – full of elasticity and vibrancy. Then you simply maintain your new found natural freshness with one treatment per month….If only the gym was that straightforward!

A product like CACI Synergy does not need a hard sell. With global media coverage and celebrity endorsement from the likes of Sadie Frost, Jennifer Anniston, Madonna, Amy Childs, Lindsay Lohan & Anthea Turner, it speaks for itself. Without exception, my clients love the service and feel the results are amazing – have a look at some of the comments on my social media pages.

So if your budget doesn`t stretch quite as far as J-Lo`s (who just recently bought her own machine for $35,000)…then we have a plan to suit everyone here at Causeway Coast Aesthetics.

CACI Synergy Face Lift – £65/ Course of 10 £550

CACI Synergy Jowl Lift – £40/ Course of 10 £300

CACI Synergy Eye Lift – £40/ Course of 10 £300

CACI Synergy Non Surgical Facelifts are available exclusively on the North Coast from Rhonda at Causeway Coast Aesthetics.

For more information & FAQ`s please see the CACI section of our website.

Thank You


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